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Not Doing Hurtful Things to Lana by SlickDoodleGuy Not Doing Hurtful Things to Lana :iconslickdoodleguy:SlickDoodleGuy 64 29
I Don't Deserve You ~Star x Marco~ (Starco)
The young blonde girl coughed and groaned in pain as she walked back to her previous position. She had just beaten Toffee with the help from Marco.. speaking of.. where was he? Star looked around slowly examining the dark room when she noticed something on the ground. She flashed a beam of light from her phone to see Marco lying on the ground barely able to move. His eyes closed and his breathing slow and shaky. Star gasped and ran towards him. She fell to the ground and slid the rest of the way. When she finally reached the boy she shook him slightly "Marco? Marco?" and she shook him a bit harder. He wouldn't get up. Star began shaking the boy frantically "Marco! MARCO! PLEASE GET UP!" she stopped shaking him and held him in her arms. She brought him close to her and held him close to her chest "it's okay Marco.. I'll find a way out" she said as she began crying. She looked around the dark and empty room "is anyone here?! Please help! M-my friend, he's hurt!" she cried out only to hav
:iconawkwardclumsy:AwkwardClumsy 14 3
Wendip by WinterMaiden11 Wendip :iconwintermaiden11:WinterMaiden11 81 10 Wendip by WinterMaiden11 Wendip :iconwintermaiden11:WinterMaiden11 119 37 WenDip by Flasho-D WenDip :iconflasho-d:Flasho-D 327 15
Starco - Trust
Star sat on the resort room bed with her arms crossed, while Marco paced around the room.  They had a Family Relations project, which involved spending 2 nights in a resort together.
"We're gonna have to get through this somehow!" The 18 year old half-Latino groaned at his best friend.  Star brought her knees up to her chest, cheeks glowing a bright shade of pink.
"So we have to share a bed for two nights. We've lived in the same house for four years already!"
"This is different." Star barely got the words out. It's the most she's spoken since they got to the room.
"How?"  Marco looked like he was about to give up. He wanted a good grade in this course. All they needed it do was "live" together for two nights, then write a paper on relationships based on the experience. He thought it would be so simple, since him and Star were best friends.
Apparently, Star wasn't telling him something.
She had no problem holding his hand, hugging him constantly and occasionally kissing
:iconvenusaphrodite96:VenusAphrodite96 227 89
NaruSaku: Happiness to Sadness
“Naruto”, Sakura cried, “come quickly!”
Naruto stumbled into Sakura’s room. “What wrong Sakura?” he asked with concern.
It had been two months since Naruto and Sakura had left Konoha to the Land of Water for their honeymoon. They spent most of their time on the beach or in their hotel room doing something fun together. When Naruto was in the room, Sakura smiled at him and pointed to her belly which was big. Naruto stared at it with wide-eyes.
“Sakura”, he said breathlessly, “does that mean you’re……”
Sakura nodded. “Yes Naruto, dear,” she confirmed, “I’m…..”
Before she could finish, Naruto was jumping with joy. “Oh yeah”, he shouted, “I gonna have a baby! I gonna be a father!”
“Naruto”, Sakura said firmly, “calm down.”  
After Naruto calmed down, he took Sakura by the hands. “Sakura”, he said, “I’m so happy for you.
:iconyeejian:YeeJian 105 94
NaruSaku: A taste of True Love
At the house of Haruno Clan, there were colored ribbons everywhere with cherry blossom trees with flowers and number of guest surrounding the house. The members of the Haruno Clan were in a festive mood; their daughter, Haruno Sakura was getting married to Uchiha Sasuke. Both the groom and the bride were dressed in traditional kimonos and both of them were radiant and elated. Although there was a problem of dowry because Sasuke’s parents had passed on, the matter was settled after Sasuke sold his house at a great price to Ino, apparently she wanted it pretty badly… in order to pay for the dowry. Although the parents were irritated that their new son-in-law was going to live with them, they were nether-less pleased by the marriage.  Everyone attended the ceremony, even Naruto showed up, although a bit glum. After the ceremony of proclaiming man and wife between Sasuke and Sakura, and after the wedding dinner. Sasuke led her to the ONLY hotel that he could afford.
:iconyeejian:YeeJian 96 41
Welcome Back - NaruSaku 1-Shot
Welcome Back - Naruto X Sakura Pairing One Shot Fanfic!
'When is he coming back....'
These words lingered in the mind of a pink haired kunoichi named Sakura Haruno.
She was a Jounnin of Konohagakure, or the Hidden Leaf Village. Her most favoured job was being the lead medical ninja of Konoha.
She also had a unbelievable strength cast upon, due to the training with Tsunade, the Godaime Hokage.
Sakura was waiting for her best friend, Naruto Uzumaki. Naruto was also a ninja in Konoha, and he was a Gennin. Even though Naruto's skills were at least Jounnin level, he still hadn't passed the Chuunin Exams.
Anyways, Sakura waited at the main gates, as the sun slowly started to set. "Nothing yet...."
Sakura turned away, and walked towards the town center. She sighed, and looked up at the sky.
'Why am I so anxious to see him...well he is my best friend...but I wouldn't be that excited...'
Suddenly, Sakura fell to the ground as she looked up. "Sorry."
A young boy nodded, "I s
:iconmarathonsoulcxxiv:MarathonSoulCXXIV 46 5
Love no Jutsu: NaruSaku
It was drizzling in the area of a forest when suddenly two figures jumped on one giant branch to another. One figure was a boy with blonde spiky hair and was wearing an orange suit while the other figure was a girl with short pink hair and she was wearing red scarlet shirt with a grey skirt. These two figures were dashing through the forest with endurance, although the girl was trying to keep up with her companion.
“NARUTO!” screamed the girl, “WAIT UP!”
Naruto halted on a branch as he let the girl catch up with him. His blue eyes scanned the horizon for any danger. He turned back to his female companion who was panting before him and said jokingly, “Come on Sakura, we have only gone for an hour.”
Uzumaki Naruto and Haruno Sakura were ninjas from the Village hidden in the leaf of Land of the Fire. Known as Konoha, the village was swarmed with varieties of ninjas with skills and unique talents. Their leader, the Hokage, was the strongest ninja in the villag
:iconyeejian:YeeJian 72 9
NaruSaku Naruto's Reward
Sakura just left the academy and started running home. The 13 year old girl wanted to get home quickly because tomorrow was her first training session with Kakashi-sensei, Sasuke and Naruto. She had started to like Naruto, but she kept it to herself, because everyone hated him.
As she approached her house, she was suddenly grabbed by a hand and pulled into an alley. She was then tied in a special chakra rope and slammed on the ground. She opened her eyes to see three older boys, probably in their 20s, standing in front of her. Sakura was trembling. She was helpless to these three.
“W-what do you want w-with m-me?” she asked, terrified.
“Well, we want to here you scream,” the tallest man said. He then pulled a kunai from his pouch and raised it in the air. Sakura gasped in fear.
“Let her go,” a voice came from the entrance of the alley. Sakura turned to see Naruto standing there.
:iconsupernarusakufanatic:SuperNaruSakuFanatic 77 62
NaruSaku: A burden for you... by MuseSilver NaruSaku: A burden for you... :iconmusesilver:MuseSilver 2,192 230
NaruSaku: Romantic Night
I stood out in the garden. Man, was I nervous. I took a deep breath and thought to myself "You can do this. Time to let her know how much you really love her."
Then she came. Her pink hair was in a ponytail and she was wearing a beautiful red dress. I gazed at her dreamily for a moment, then I walked up to her.
"Hey, Sakura."
"Hi, Naruto. How are you tonight?"
"Like the luckiest guy in all of existance now that you're here."
"Thanks, sweetheart," she said smiling. "C'mon, take a seat."
We sat down next to eachother under a tree. The sakura blossoms and the moonlight made the atmosphere even more romantic. With all trace of nervousness gone, I picked one of the blossoms from a nearby branch and gave it to Sakura.
"You're every bit as beautiful as the flower you'e named after, Sakura-chan. This will help you remember it." I said, putting the flower in her hair.
"Awwww, thank you,"  she said, giggling and blushing. "You're so cute, you know that?"
"Heh heh, I try" I responded, p
:iconzombiecyborgninja:zombiecyborgninja 48 132
Abandoned Love Ch.1: NaruSaku
     Sakura sat alone on a bench, it was a typical day in Konoha. The place that
she begged Sasuke from leaving. Nothing on her mind, but Naruto...she thought of the
spikey blonde haired , obnocious ninja, with his fox like grin glued to his face. Sakura
thought of the first time she met him, and how much hes actually changed.
     A faint "Sakura-Chan"  she heard, but still concentrated on her daydream.
"Sakura-Chan!" she heard as she kept on daydreaming. "SAKURA-CHAN!!!" Naruto yelled.
"ugghh....I was just going to ask you if you wanted to go get some ramen with me..." he
said. "Jesus Naruto! What is it with you and ramen??" "I just love it, but having it with you
is even better!" he said sweetly. "So do you want to?" Sakura sighed, getting kinda
irratated. "fine..." she looked up at him and smiled. The pink haired Kunoichi managed
to get herself up. Naruto just stared at her for a minute. "Who are you starin
:iconjeiku-chan:Jeiku-Chan 139 31
NaruSaku -Dock- by hylianknight246 NaruSaku -Dock- :iconhylianknight246:hylianknight246 6,143 758 Narusaku by RerinKin Narusaku :iconrerinkin:RerinKin 1,690 522



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